The Simple Senior Swing System Review

Welcome to my review on The Simple Senior Swing System. As we get older our body starts to change and does effect our golf swing. This training program was designed for seniors who are passionate about maintaining their golf game. The techniques is to enhance your swing, increase distance and enjoy the overall game of golf

Who Created The Simple Senior Swing System

Alex Fortey is the founder of the Art Of Simple Golf, one of the largest golf instruction websites in the world. He is renowned for two things: His powerful drives (often reaching 320+ yards off the tee), and his no-nonsense approach to golf instruction that helps frustrated golfers improve distance, lower scores, and enjoy the game of golf again.

The Simple Senior Swing System was designed for senior golfers, though beginners and experienced golfers can improve their came with this training program.

A Swing That Is More Powerful, Accurate, and Consistent You Could Ever Dream Of

A swing method so consistent, repeatable and dependable you can use it to drive the ball 280 yards off the tee every time.

What’s In The Training

  • A step-by-step program with videos that you can access at your own pace at home or on the go.
  • How to instantly master the “kinetic chain” and add 20, 40, or even 70 yards of distance to every drive
  • The clubface trick senior golfers can use to eliminate skulls, shanks, and slices. It takes just moments to learn, but will dramatically increase your ball control
  • A simple ‘posture change’ to hit straighter, more accurate shots than ever before
  • How to “shape” your shots for the conditions with “micro-adjustments” to your swing
  • How to get the longest distance with the least amount of effort
  • How to optimally lag your shot for the perfect swing plan
  • The little-known secret of a self-correcting grip
  • How to take advantage of your body’s natural movement momentum to add 20, 30, or 40 yards to your iron game


  • It give you great results for golfers of all skill levels
  • Easy to follow videos
  • You can complete the training at your own pace
  • Complete all around golf training
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Golfers might find it difficult to make a change


The Simply Senior Swing System training program was designed for senior golfers in mine, but all levels of golfers a can gain a lot form this training.

Its techniques are easy to follow and covers all elements of the golf game and makes the process of learning a simple and efficient golf swing.

If your looking to improve your golf game I highly recommend The Simple Senior Swing System.

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Thank you for reading my review and I hope it was helpful.

I Started playing golf in 1970 and learned the hard way. I hope with the information and reviews this will make it easier to improve your game and have fun doing it.

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