Buying Clone Golf Clubs-Is This The Way To Go

Welcome to my article, Buying Clone Golf Clubs. With the popularity of golf increasing every year more people are looking into playing the game. What stops them is the cost to get started. You do need golf clubs to play. A set of golf clubs can cost anywhere from $600 to $1500 plus for a brand name(Callaway, Taylor Made, Ping, PXG etc.) In this article I will give you alternatives on buying good quality golf clubs for less.

What are clone golf clubs?

Clone golf clubs are designed and manufactured the same specifications of popular brand-names. They are normally manufactured by smaller independent companies. They give you the same performance and feel similar to well known brands but are usually priced more competitively.

When buying clone golf clubs it’s important to choose a reputable company. Many companies manufacture golf clubs by not using the best materials that will give you the best performance they promise.

Who are clone golf clubs designed for?

Clone golf clubs were deigned for different payers. If your a beginner but is not ready to buy an expensive set of clubs, this is the way to go.

The average golfer is who looking for all the benefits, features and performance, than the clone golf clubs will give you the closest comparative product to a name brand.

My top 5 picks

1- PGM- Men’s Complete Golf Club Sets – 12 G300

Designed for men who are interested in playing golf, whether they are beginners or experienced golfers. Made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance. PGM Golf is a brand that hasn’t exactly penetrated the market as much as other upstart golf club companies. But that could very well change in the next few years. PGM may soon become a prominent brand because of their huge array of products and the quality of their higher end golf clubs.

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PGM Women’s Golf Club Set with 12pcs Clubs

Ideal for beginners, offers high forgiveness on mishits, catering to players new to the game. Engineered with an extremely low center of gravity, facilitating easier ball elevation and distance.

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2- Callaway- Strata Men’s Complete Golf Set

First the brand name Callaway is synonymous in the game of golf. You can always rely on the quality that Callaway has to offer. They are perfectly suited for beginners and high handicappers who are looking to improve their game.

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Callaway Strata Ladies Complete Set

The Callaway Strata Plus Women’s package set is designed with distance and forgiveness technologies for women who want to easily hit accurate shots that go a long way.

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3- LazrusPremium Golf Irons Set

Lazrus Iron Set

Lazrus golf clubs are manufactured with high-quality standards. They are designed for golfers looking for more control and accuracy in their performance. These clubs are manufactured with the customers abilities in mind.

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4- Tour EdgeHL3 to-Go Men’s Complete Golf

Tour Edge has been manufacturing golf clubs since 1985. Although not the most golf brand known globally, it is one of the best and most successfully golf club manufactures on the PGA Tour.

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5- PreciseM5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

If you are just stating to play golf this is a great way to get started. It comes with all of the clubs you need. It will give you maximum forgiveness on the woods and irons equals straighter shots on the course.

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Precise M5 Ladies Complete Golf Set

This is designed for ladies who are just starting to play golf. They will give you total forgiveness and better results.

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Buying Clone Golf Clubs Conclusion

Thank you for reading my article on Buying Clone Golf Clubs. In my opinion if your budget is stopping you from playing golf than this is the way to go. About five years ago I bought a set of clone golf clubs and was totally satisfied with the accuracy, distance and performance that I got from them. If your a senior golfer( like I am) or just looking to buy a new set of clubs, I wouldn’t rule this out. They provide the golfer with all the same features and benefits with the closest comparative product to a brand.

I Started playing golf in 1970 and learned the hard way. I hope with the information and reviews this will make it easier to improve your game and have fun doing it.

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